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Arlington Heights customers of Mark Drug Medical Supplies depend on and trust our 35-year-old company for providing them with the best, most affordable health care products available. From grab bars and lift chairs to mobility aids and ostomy/incontinence supplies, Mark Drug continues to be the leading supplier of medical supplies in Arlington Heights and surrounding areas. Stop by our store, read through our online product catalogue or give us a call at 847-537-8500 for help with finding home care items you need to maintain your independence and enhance your quality of life.

Mobility Aids--Rollators and Quad Walking Canes

Mark Drug Medical Supplies offers Arlington Heights residents a wide variety of mobility aids to accommodate their specific mobility problems. Rollators, or "wheeled walkers" are manually controlled walkers equipped with three or four wheels and handlebars. Some rollators may also come with built-in seats for people who need to rest between taking steps. Amenities of specialized rollators include baskets to hold items, height adjustment capabilities and handle brakes to make rollators more manageable. For people with mobility issues in Arlington Heights, bariatric rollators are also available made to support patients weighing over 300 pounds.

Quad walking canes resemble standard walking canes but have a metal base attached to the bottom of the cane equipped with four, rubber-capped "feet" extending from the base. Mark Drug Medical Supplies customers rely on our quad walking canes if they are recovering from surgery, have weak but fairly stable legs and need a little extra support when walking. Quad canes also provide excellent stability and can be used while going up and down the stairs.

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