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Providing a comprehensive range of health and medical supplies in Barrington IL for over 30 years, Mark Drug Medical Supply also specializes in helping seniors "age-in-place". Instead of opting for living in nursing homes, many of today's senior citizens are choosing to stay in their own homes by relying on mobility and safety-enhancing equipment. One of Mark Drug Medical Supply's most popular "aging-in-place" items is the multi-positional chaise lounger.

LC-358M 3-Position, Full Recline, Chaise Lounger Chair

Constructed from furniture-grade laminate/hardwood, this three-positional lounging chair presents a smooth, noiseless lifting system supported by a powerful lift actuator and scissor mechanism. When you need assistance with rising from a sitting position, this chair gradually raises the cushioned seat until you can easily stand without exertion or pain. In addition to roomy dual pockets and removable back, the 3-Position Chaise Lounger offers the option of integrating heat and massage capabilities to further increase your comfort.

Acorn Superglide 120 Stair Lift

For seniors or those with mobility issues who wish to remain in their multi-storied home, Mark Drug Medical Supply provides the Acorn Superglide Stair Lift to make accessing second floors safe and easy. Designed to accommodate straight staircases, this modern stair lift also offers sit/stand/perch options, padded backrest and seat, direction paddle switches and secure seatbelt. In addition, five safety sensors attached to the carriage and footrest immediately stop the stair lift when obstructions are encountered to prevent accidents from occurring.

(Note: before installing the Acorn Stair Lift, we will need to take measurements of your stairway to ensure your stair lift is properly installed. Please call Stephen at 847-537-8500 to find out more about the home inspection process).

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Mark Drug Medical Supply is here to help you obtain the medical supplies you need to manage numerous health conditions, increase mobility, age-in-place or assist new mothers with breastfeeding their infants. Contact us today at 847-537-8500 or toll free 800-479-6275. We also have a fax number--847-537-9430--to make it easier for your doctor to submit documents necessary for insurance purposes.