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Providing Buffalo Grove residents with medical supplies, equipment and accessories for 35 years, Mark Drug Medical Supplies consistently stands their mission to empower customers with the ability to enhance and support their overall health and quality of life. To achieve that objective, we offer only the highest quality supplies at affordable prices that can be delivered to Buffalo Grove customers or purchased at our store. Our unwavering commitment to you has earned Mark Drug Medical Supplies a stellar reputation as being a respected, dependable supplier of medical supplies and accessories in the U.S. Call us today at (847) 537-8500 to learn how easy it is to become a valued member of our home care family.

Rent Medical Supplies in Buffalo Grove

For various reasons, Buffalo Grove residents may sometimes need to use specific medical supplies temporarily. Whether recuperating from surgery or illness, they can rely on Mark Drug Medical Supplies to provide them with health care products essential for facilitating recovery in the comfort of their home. In addition to wheelchairs and lift chairs for rent, we offer full or semi-electric hospital beds with rails, mobile commodes with hand grabs, turning leg caddies and Hoyer lifts to assist caregivers with helping patients in and out of their beds. To give Buffalo Grove residents in wheelchairs the ability to access areas outside their home, Mark Drug Medical Supplies also rents three, five, six and eight-foot ramps. Perfect for minimally or moderately raised landings, curbs and doorways, these lightweight, anti-slip ramps provide sturdy inclines for wheelchairs and their occupants.

Learn More About Receiving Medical Supplies in Buffalo Grove

Mark Drug Medical Supplies knows the decision to purchase or rent medical supplies is extremely important to our customers. That's why we invite all Buffalo Grove residents to join our ever-growing customer base and starting ordering their medical supplies from a trusted, reliable source for nearly 40 years.

If you live in Buffalo Grove and are on Medicare, your insurance may help pay from medical supplies you need. Call Mark Drug Medical Supplies today at (847) 537-8500 for assistance with renting or buying medical equipment and accessories.