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A catheter is a tube that is inserted into a body cavity or duct. It can also be used in the urethra into the bladder or even during surgery to provide access for surgical instruments. Catheters are available in different sizes depending on the procedure that they are being used for.

catheter-suppliesSeveral catheter users have tried to save money by reusing their catheters and some have even been advised to do so by their doctors. They simply wash them out and reuse them. This method is know as “clean cath” Studies have shown that reusing catheters is not sterile and you are taking a risk of infection. Further research has shown that using a sterile catheter each time you need a replacement catheter can reduce the amount of urinary tract infections that the users will get over time. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) guidelines say that urinary catheters should be considered as a one-time use only device and is printed on most catheter packages. Because of this change in classification Medicare and most other major insurance companies now require you to use a new sterile catheter each time that you catheterize. This will significantly reduce the risk of a urinary tract infection, and potential hospital stay.


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