Hospital Beds

As of 7/1/2013 Medicare instituted a competitive bid program on these items, and strictly limits what providers can and cannot provide these to Medicare Patients.  Unfortunately we did not win a bid, and no longer bill Medicare for Hospital Beds.  To find a provider in your area Click Here and follow the instructions

Since the amount that Medicare will pay was significantly reduced, we would advice that you ask the provider to let you know the type of Bed you will be receiving, along with brand name and model number.  It is important that the walker still meets your needs.  

We have a large selection of bed and we start rentals at $200.00 Per month

Q: What is needed for Medicare coverage?

A: A prescription from your doctor as well as a medical record stating the need for the bed.*

The medical records must show the following

1) The patient has a medical condition which requires positioning of the body in ways not feasible with an ordinary bed. Elevation of the head/upper body less than 30 degrees does not usually require the use of a hospital bed, or

2) The patient requires positioning of the body in ways not feasible with an ordinary bed in order to alleviate pain, or

3) The patient requires the head of the bed to be elevated more than 30 degrees most of the time due to congestive heart failure, chronic pulmonary disease, or problems with aspiration. Pillows or wedges must have been tried and failed.

4) The patient requires traction equipment, which can only be attached to a hospital bed.
Meeting these qualifications will allow you to qualify for a standard manual bed, if you need a semi electric bed you must show a need for immediate position change  

How to Order

Once we have all the proper documentation, we can deliver and set up the bed within 1-2 business days.    

Medicare offers a 13-month rent-to-own program for patients who have not previously owned a hospital bed.* If the patient has a bed and goes to a hospital, rehab center, nursing home, or hospice care, we must be notified, as the bed will no longer be covered.

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*Please note these are general outlines for coverage and we cannot guarantee coverage until claims are submitted and paid.

Official Medicare Guidelines