When they need medical supplies, Lake Forest IL residents know they can depend on Mark Drug Medical Supplies to provide them with superior customer service and high quality medical supplies. In addition to medical supplies, Lake Forest IL mothers-to-be and new mothers wanting to breastfeed will find top quality breast pumps and accessories essential to giving their baby a healthy start in life.

Breast Pumps

Breast pumps allow collection of breast milk into containers that can be stored for later use. Expressed breast milk can be kept safely for six hours in room temperature (65 to 72 degrees), refrigerated for up to eight days or frozen at a temperature of zero degrees Fahrenheit for up to one year. Breast pumps are useful for working women who want to feed their child breast milk instead of formula.

Breast pumps also help stimulate the lactation response for mothers who have low milk supplies. In addition, pumping may be recommended by physicians for women who would benefit from hormone production promoted by continued lactation. 

Mark Drug Medical Supplies offers the following breast pumps:

Freestyle® Breastpump w/Totebag--this state-of-the-art breast pump mimics an infant's natural nursing actions to extract more milk in less time than other breast pumps.

Pump in Style® Advanced Breast Pump Backpack--this backpack contains a breast pump capable of single or double pumping, cooler carrier, breast shields, containers and lids and a detailed breastfeeding information guide.

Medela Personal Double Electic Breast Pump--this single and double breast pump offers an adjustable vacuum, convenient AC power operation, breast shields and bottles. It is also in compliance with UL 1431 (Personal Health Care and Hygiene Appliances).

Lake Forest IL mothers and mothers-to-be can also find additional breast pumps and breast pump accessories at Mark Drug Medical Supplies.

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