Medicare Covered Lift Chairs - Lift Chair Insurance Coverage - Chicago, Wheeling, IL

Lift Chair

Steps to Receive Medicare Coverage

  1. Patient must meet 4 major medical criteria:
    1. The patient must have either osteoarthritis of the hips or knees, or have a neuromuscular disease.
    2. The patient must be completely incapable of rising from a standard chair.
    3. The patient must be able to ambulate (walk) once standing.
    4. The chair must be part of the doctor’s treatment plan to improve the current condition.
  2. If patient meets the medical criteria, they can come into the store with the prescription and pick out and pay for the chair they would like. At this time you must sign a form called an Advanced Beneficiary Notice (ABN). This form states that Medicare will not pay the entire amount, or if Medicare is denied, that you will pay upfront.
  3. After the chair is selected, we will send a detailed written order form to your doctor. This form must be filled out, signed, and returned before we can deliver the chair.
  4. After the chair is delivered, we will submit the claim to Medicare. Even if we follow all these steps, we cannot guarantee coverage of the chair.If the claim is not approved the first time, you do have the right to appeal to Medicare

*Please note these are general outlines for coverage and we cannot guarantee coverage until claims are submitted and paid.