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When getting a hospital bed there are many different things to consider. The type is one of the most important decisions. Also then other decision to make is the type of rail

There are two main types of rental Hospital Beds out there. There is a full electric hospital bed and a semi electric hospital bed. They both look very similar and both function in very similar ways. On both styles the head and feet will move up and down electrically at the touch of a button. On a full electric hospital bed you can move the vertical height of the bed up and down electrically. If you choose a semi electric hospital bed you can still move it up and down electrically however this is done with a hand crank. When we initially delivery and set up the bed we will adjust the bed to your desired height, most of the time people are able to leave the bed at that height, however if you plan on frequently raising and lowering the vertical height of the bed a full electric bed may be a better option.

A both semi electric hospital bed and full electric hospital bed have the same dimension. Show in table below

Length W/ head/Footboard84"
Weight Cap450 lbs*
Min Height15"**
Max Height23"**
Mattress height5-6"
Rental Hospital Bed

A Semi Electric Bed is $200.00 Per month to rent

A Full Electric Bed is $230 Per Month

Beyond that there is also a different type of bed called a Low Boy or Hi-Low bed. They are exactly the same as a Full electric bed excepts that can go lower to the ground. These bed are adjustable in height and goes from 9.5"-20". Then you add the height of the mattress, a standard mattress is 5"-6". These beds require a special type of rail to accommodate the lower height. 

Another important option is the type of rail. There are Full Rail and Half Rails

RailsDescriptions/ Comments
Full Rail
Rental Hospital Bed1
The patient would not be able to get in and out of bed on their own.
Someone would always have to let them in or out of the bed.
Half Rail
Rental Hospital Bed2
This type allows someone the get in or out of bed easily on their own
(ie go to bathroom on their own at night), however would prevent falls

*this is for total weight on the bed including things like rails, blankets, mattress, ect. For this reason anyone over 350 lbs it is recommended to get a heavy duty bed

** This is the height of the bed not including the mattress the mattress a standard mattress is 5"-6" which you would add to get the patients final height.

When Medicare moved to a Competitive Bid system, meaning that only a few specific providers could bill hospital beds to Medicare, it left many people stranded when the are first discharged. It can now take a long time to get set up with a hospital bed in your home

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