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Did you break your ankle? Hurt your foot? Do you need to be non weight bearing for any period of time? Crutches can be such a pain (and painful) A Knee Scooter could be the perfect option for you. We rent the knee scooter for $100.00 per month. Also if you have Blue Cross Blue Shield it can often be covered by your insurance.

Sizing these can be tricky and takes some knowledge for that reason we typically recommend people coming into the store so we can properly fit you and show you how to

fold the knee scooter. That being said we can ship them out however additional fees may apply.

It can also take a day or two to get comfortable using a scooter so if you are renting for a planned surgery we typically recommend coming in a day or two prior so you can get accustom to the scooter. Plus this makes the discharge home much easier as you already have everything ready to go.

If you want more information about renting the scooter please click here or call us at 847-537-8500

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