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Do you have a parent or grandparent that struggles to get into your home? Or are you recovering from an injury and temporarily in a wheelchair? A ramp may be a good solution for you.

Ramps come in different sizes and its important to get the correct size. When you are renting a ramp we want to know the total vertical elevation. ADA guide lines say that for every inch in elevation you are required to have 1 foot of ramp. However in a home more temporary setting we generally say that 2-2.5" to one foot of ramp is just fine. If for some reason you are unable to measure most standard steps are about 7".

If you want to figure your angle Click Here and follow the link

Often entryways to homes do not have standard steps or have longer runs to them. If you are having figuring the proper configuration you can email it to us at Stephen@mdwheeling.com or call us at 847-537-8500

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Monthly Rate
3 Foot
5 Foot
6 Foot
8 Foot
10 Foot

We can also do weekly rentals at 1/2 the monthly rate

**Due to demand around holidays all ramps reservations that span over major holidays are prepaid and nonrefundable**

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